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Case Study

Rose Hill Foundation Conservatory

Sectors: Structural Engineering
Applications: Primary steel connections


The Award winning Lindapter Hollo-Bolt allowed the fast construction of the impressive steel framed roof of the Rose Hill Foundation Conservatory for botanical science, San Marino, California, USA.

4,600 ½” Hollo-Bolts enabled simple and secure truss work connections for the unique conservatory set in 150 acres of magnificent sweeping gardens. Lindapter’s patented invention was also used on a wide variety of other steel connections, with over 10,000 used throughout the development.

The Hollo-Bolt was chosen because it provides a proven, trusted and structurally sound cavity connection that is simple to use and cost effective. The overall aesthetic appearance of the new build was paramount and the Hollo-Bolt’s aesthetically pleasing finish was ideal for the application. Once installed only the collar and bolt head is visible, producing an extremely clean and symmetrical looking connection - It was these qualities which led to an additional 3,800 being used in the connection of ornamental trusses to structural columns as well as other applications on the project.

The Hollo-Bolt provided substantial cost savings for the fabricator and contractor by allowing the cavity sections to be connected without welding or through bolting, eradicating the need to drill extra holes for standard bolting and allowing the connections to be made without field welding. As well as providing a safe and secure structural connection, the Hollo-Bolt’s design allowed the installation to be made with simple hand tools. The installation was completed easily without purchasing special tools, enabling semi-skilled labor to carry out the work.

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