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Case Study

Public Safety Building

Sectors: Structural, Civil
Applications: Facade


San Francisco’s new Public Safety Building is a seismically advanced structure with state-of-the-art technology that will allow the police to better respond and coordinate public safety services during major events.

The LEED certified building boasts a beautiful glass curtain wall designed to maximize the flow of natural sunlight throughout the 4-story office block. The Type LR clamp, manufactured by Lindapter was chosen to secure the facade frame back to six different sized steel sections.

The Type LR Girder Clamp was chosen for its ability to self-adjust to suit various beam flange thicknesses and its lateral adjustability which allowed the frame to be easily manoeuvred into position before tightening the clamps with just standard hand tools.

The Type LR clamp allowed contractors to quickly and safely secure the frame back to the primary steel structure without drilling or welding, which saved time and money while limiting construction safety risks.

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