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Case Study

Kimmel Center

Sectors: Structural, Civil
Applications: Structural Connections


Lindapter Hollo-Bolts were specified to connect the arched trusses that form the 150ft high barrel-vault roof on the Kimmel Centre for the Performing Arts in Philadelphia.

Over 35,000 3/8" Hollo-Bolts were used to construct the arched trusses that support the glass barrel vaulted roof, with a connection design that allowed a very rapid installation; splice joints were used inside the adjoining tube sections which were connected together using the Hollo-Bolts.

The extremely cost effective installation required no specialist equipment or labor and dramatically less work at height in comparison to traditional welding or through-bolting methods. The design also eradicated the possibility of tube deformation that can be associated with through-bolting if the bolts are over tightened.

The resulting work is not only structurally sound, but aesthetically pleasing, presenting a clean symmetrical appearance to complement Rafael Viñoly’s design.

Hollo-Bolt manufactured by Lindapter has recently become the first and only expansion bolt for structural steel to gain the full seismic approval from ICC-ES for all seismic design categories (A through F), it also carries other approvals such as the LARR.

Hollo-Bolt is the only expansion bolt for  structural steel that features in the SCI/BCSA joint publication ‘Joints in Steel Construction – Simple Connections’ (or ‘Green Book’ as it is commonly referred to in the UK). The guide provides primary design advice and information on using the Hollo-Bolt for structural steel connections.

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