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Case Studies

Wilshire Grand Center, Los Angeles, CA

Sectors: Structural, Civil
Applications: Structural Connections


Contractors used over 3,000 M20 Hollo-Bolts to connect circular steel sections which form the curved atrium structure. Hollo-Bolts were installed from just one side, rapidly achieving discrete splice connections without the need for drilling or welding.


The extremely cost effective installation did not require specialist equipment or specialist labor. It dramatically reduced the amount of work at height in comparison to traditional welding or through-bolting methods. The design also eradicated the possibility of tube deformation that can be associated with through-bolting if the bolts are over-tightened. The end result was aesthetically pleasing, clean and discrete splice connections which complement the design of the exposed steel.


The Lindapter Hollo-Bolt has an extensive range of independent approvals, including COLA approval and full seismic approval from ICC-ES for all seismic design categories (A-F). It is also independently approved as a structural connection for primary steel and features in the SCI/BCSA joint publication ‘Joints in Steel Construction – Simple Connections’ (Or Green Book as it is commonly referred to). The guide provides primary design advice and information on using the Hollo-Bolt for Structural connections.

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