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Case Studies

Villa Park Stadium

Sectors: Structural & Civil
Applications: Signage Support

Summary: Type CF fixings were used to attach the signage.

When sign maker Omega Signs was commissioned to build and install an imposing sign measuring 2 metres high and 50 metres wide, the obvious question to resolve was how to fasten the huge sign into place.

Lindapter provided the quickest and easiest solution, with the Type CF high friction clamping system. The fixing allowed the large letters spelling out Aston Villa's name to be simply clamped onto the stadium’s existing steelwork.

The letters were first mounted onto two horizontal channel sections, and then connected to the stadium's structural steelwork with Type CFs, without any need to drill or weld. This greatly simplified the entire installation and the sign was erected very rapidly, using just a 'cherry picker’ and standard hand tools.

The Type CF high friction clamp hooks over the flanges of I-beams, angles and channels and can be combined with all Lindapter Girder Clamp related clamps including the Type AF. The Type CF supports safe working frictional loads up to 16kN and up to 26.3kN tensile.

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