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Viaduc de Millau

Sectors: Civil & Materials Handling
Applications: Electrical Services

Summary: Lindapter Type A fixings were used to connect cable baskets across the length of the bridge

This iconic structure and demonstration of modern engineering spans 2.5km in length and 270m above the River Tarn. A method of housing electrical services inside aerodynamically shaped prefabricated steel deck sections was required. For weight and wind loading reasons, the design incorporated U-shaped wire baskets, framed with hollow section that had to be attached to the bridge’s inclined steelwork.

Simple steel plates with four pre-drilled holes for Lindapter fixings were welded to the hollow frame of the cable tray system, and then secured to the bridge with Type A Lindapter clamps, using only hand tools. As the cable basket sections arrived on-site with the plates attached, the installation could be carried out incredibly quickly, with the Lindapter fixings simply inserted into the plate holes and hooked around the flange of the bridge beams and tightened. Lindapter’s famed on-site adjustability provided the necessary flexibility to ensure correct alignment of the cabling.

The Type A’s pedigree can be traced back to the original Lindapter, or as it was called in the 1930’s, Lindsay Bolt Adapter. Through the years its uses have moved beyond a simple lightweight connection for pipe work etc. into the structural engineering market. An extensive range of sizes mean the Lindapter Type A can be used in a wide variety of applications, in both tensile or friction, and almost any type and size of steelwork.