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Case Studies

Stonehenge Visitor Centre

Sectors: Structural Engineering; Architectural
Applications: Glass fin connections

Summary: Lindapter’s (HCF) Hollo-Bolt was used to secure the structural glass fins back to the primary steelwork.

A range of size M16 and M20 Hollo-Bolts were specified by the Designers & Engineers of the structural glazing, Vitrine Systems, to connect the glass fins to the RHS perimeter ring beams supporting the transparent glass panels that formed the exterior of the ‘pod’ housing the Visitor Centre’s café and shop. The Hollo-Bolt connections comfortably fulfilled all load requirements, which ranged from 20kN to 30kN depending on the connection location.

The CE marked Hollo-Bolt provided the ideal connection method for this project where on-site access limitations posed a potential problem. The closed RHS steel made Hollo-Bolts the preferred connection method as they offered a reliable and high strength connection with independently approved safe working loads that could be installed using just handtools; a range of benefits that could not be matched by any alternative connection method.

The £27 million Stonehenge Visitors Centre development was completed on time and on budget, opening in December 2013. The completed structure provides a striking gateway to the monument site for the 900,000 people who visit Stonehenge each year.

The Hollo-Bolt HCF features a patented High Clamping Force mechanism that produces three times the clamping force when compared to the same sized product without the mechanism. To learn more about the Hollo-Bolt product range and how the HCF mechanism works click here.