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Case Studies

St David's Shopping Centre

Sectors: Structural, Architectural
Applications: Cladding connection

Summary: Lindapter Type LR clamps were used to connect the concrete cladding panels to primary steelwork as part of the £675m expansion of St David’s Shopping Centre.

Lindapter were invited by the consulting engineers of the project to design a bespoke adjustable fixing system to facilitate the accurate positioning of precast concrete cladding panels on this major retail construction project. Lindapter proposed a solution comprising of a steel bracket with slotted holes that could be clamped to the structural members with Type LR fixings. The cladding panels could then be lifted into place and connected back to the same steel bracket, with the fixing system providing convenient adjustability on three axes.

The design was promptly approved and Lindapter supplied 534 pre-assembled connection systems, fitted with size M16 Type LR clamps, to secure the entire sandstone faced facade. The highly adjustable system not only simplified the positioning of the panels, but the self-adjusting capability of the Lindapter Type LR allowed this specification to be standardised to accommodate dimensional variations of the structural steel.

Stephen Maddalena, Chairman and Joint M.D. of the Marble Mosaic Company, who designed, manufactured and installed the precast cladding panels, highlights the benefits of specifying Lindapter:

“Given the project’s construction and programme constraints, the use of Lindapter’s connectors provided an eminently practical means of attaching the precast cladding panels to its structural steel frame and the helpful support of Lindapter’s team proved to be especially valuable in developing this solution.”

St David’s opened on schedule to become home to 88 new stores. The clean and contemporary appearance of this landmark British Shopping Centre has made a bold contribution to the rejuvenation of the Welsh capital.

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