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Case Studies

Shell Tern Alpha - Blast Wall

Sectors: Oil & Gas, Structural
Applications: Blind connection

Summary: Lindapter Hollo-Bolts were selected to install a reinforcing blast wall on the Shell Tern Alpha platform.

A safety upgrade on the offshore platform required the strengthening of the original north wall, consisting of corrugated 3mm steel plate, insulated on the inside. To avoid disruption to the internal insulation and maintain the integrity of the structure, engineers selected the Hollo-Bolt as the connection method because this allowed the reinforcement rails to be conveniently installed with ease from the outside only. Access was only required from the external side and the ‘blind’ fixing’s high load bearing capabilities ensured the horizontal bars remained safely secured.

The final layer of blast wall was then connected onto the cladding rails, reinforcing the strength of the original wall. Lindapter M16 Hollo-Bolts proved the ideal connection for this application, allowing the new blast wall to be simply bolted onto the existing structure as a cladding layer.

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