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Case Studies

Madison Square, New York

Sectors: Architectural, Structural
Applications: Over 1000 Type AFs secured the ‘Fata Morgana’ steel canopy in New York’s Madison Square Park.

Summary: Lindapter’s high slip resistant clamps were specified by structural engineering firm Thornton Thomasetti to connect the steel framework of artist Teresita Fernandez’s horizontal sculpture ‘Fata Morgana’.

The engineers were confident that the Lindapter clamps were the right choice for the application because they allow a quick and convenient installation without the need for on-site drilling or welding. The simple solution eliminated the need for hot work permits and site closures which can often cause delays and disruption, especially in a park that is visited by 50,000 people a day. Moreover, the Type AFs provided lateral adjustability which allowed contractors to quickly and easily move and secure the I-beams into a diagonal position, underneath a framework of back to back channels.
Inspired by mirages, Fernandez’s canopy design consisted of steel discs perforated with an intricate foliage pattern which casts a golden glow on the paths and passersby. After the exhibition, the contractors will simply reverse the procedure, quickly unclamping the 500 foot long canopy without damaging the steelwork or coatings.

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