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Case Studies

Kings Crescent Retrofit Balconies

Sectors: Structural
Applications: Securing enclosed balcony extensions


The ongoing Hackney regeneration scheme is one of London’s largest programmes for building and refurbishing homes. As part of the project, 72 enclosed balconies were installed onto the front of the Kings Crescent apartment blocks to increase the living space and modernise the appearance of the estate.

The contractor, Balco Balcony Systems Ltd, required a safe method for connecting the steel hollow sections together to create the structural framework for the balconies. The engineers researched and compared several products for speed, strength and durability and reviewed the possible levels of disruption to the residents who remained within the flats while the work was being done.

After evaluating multiple options, they decided that Hollo-Bolt by Lindapter was the best product for the application due to the range of independent product approvals, including the CE mark. The closed RHS steel also made them the preferred choice as the Hollo-Bolts offer a reliable and high strength connection that can be installed using just standard hand tools; a range of benefits that could not be matched by any alternative connection method.
Over 2000 M16 Hollo-Bolts were used in the most crucial parts of the project. One of the applications included the splice connections for the steel hollow sections running up the vertical face of the buildings. The contractors also used Hollo-Bolts to attach the framework to the vertical trusses which formed the load bearing base for the balconies. The Hollo-Bolts allowed a quick installation of the balcony extensions and therefore helped the contractors to finish the project on time and on budget.

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