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Case Studies

History Museum, Dresden

Sectors: Civil Engineering; Architecture
Applications: Securing a perforated steel cladding facade

Summary: Lindapter Hollo-Bolt fixings secured perforated steel cladding panels to the structural steel hollow section beams in Daniel Libeskind’s impressive five storey façade. The arrow shaped extension, made from glass, concrete and steel, intersects the original neo-classical arsenal building. The arrow’s steel cladding was secured using over 2,000 M8 stainless steel Hollo-Bolts.

Lindapter’s Hollo-Bolts provided the contractors with a connection solution that could be easily installed from just one side leaving only the bolt-head and collar visible, avoiding welding, on-site drilling and unsightly strapping. The discrete head and Grade 316 stainless steel finish resulted in an aesthetically pleasing and corrosion resistant finish to the connection. The Hollo-Bolts were supplied with independently tested Safe Working Loads and just the smallest product in the Hollo-Bolt range was capable of securing the steel façade.

The Hollo-Bolt is the only CE marked expansion bolt for securing to steel hollow section or conventional steelwork where access is available from one side only. The Lindapter Hollo-Bolt is also the only blind fixing that carries the Steel Construction Institute’s approval for use in primary structural connections. The Hollo-Bolt has also become a favourite amongst architects due to its range of head variants and finishes and in line with the increased popularity of steel hollow section for architectural design.