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Case Studies

Harringay Station, London

Sectors: Rail
Applications: Constructing a station platform


This London railway station dates back to 1885 and is situated on the East Coast Main Line between Finsbury Park and Hornsey.

Lindapter connections were specified for securing steel sections together to form the framework for the station’s new platform. The Girder Clamp by Lindapter was chosen because the configuration allowed lateral adjustability during installation. This meant that the contractors, AJ services Eng Ltd, could quickly and precisely align the beams before tightening with just standard hand tools. The Girder Clamp arrangement consisted of Type LR clamps in size M12, which self-adjusts to suit the beam flange thickness. This allowed just one connection type to be used throughout the project, providing further simplicity, speed and convenience during the construction process.

Further to saving time and costs on this installation, AJ Services Eng Ltd used the Girder Clamp by Lindapter at other train stations including Tottenham, where their client required a fast turnaround on the project.

Click here for the Type LR clamp specification details