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Case Studies

Docklands Light Railway

Sectors: Rail, Civil
Applications: Flooring / Services Duct

Summary: Lindapter FloorFast was used to connect floor plates on the Docklands Light Railway

The services duct running alongside this metropolitan railway network is cast in situ concrete with angles to attach galvanised Durbar plates. The contractors desired an efficient installation, whilst ensuring a convenient access for future maintenance operations was an essential requirement.

Lindapter’s Type FF FloorFast fixings were attached to the corners of each plate as they were manufactured for the project, allowing installation in a less than a minute with just a simple hexagon key, and easy opening/closing for subsequent maintenance purposes.

The FloorFast utilises a countersunk bolt on the surface side, linked to a special 'stepped nut' casting (held captive underneath), which rotates to engage and then lock the plate into position.