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Derby Arena

Sectors: Structural, Civil
Applications: Hollo-Bolts securing crash barrier

Summary: Hollo-Bolts provided a quick installation method which helped Derby Arena to win a Structural Steel Design Award.

For over 50 years, The British Constructional Steelwork Association (BCSA) has organised the Structural Steel Design Awards. The aim of the awards is to ‘recognise the high standard of structural and architectural design attainable in the use of steel and its potential in terms of efficiency, cost effectiveness, aesthetics and innovation.’ Lindapter’s Hollo-Bolts helped the contractors to achieve these criteria and therefore win the award. The judges even commented that the building’s success owes much to careful integration of architecture and engineering.
The circular structure was formed by faceting steel members and the facades were clad in horizontal strips of aluminium which mimic the board pattern of the velodrome track.

The glass barrier slotted into a steel channel that was secured back to the sides of the velodrome track using Hollo-Bolts. Specified by Bland & Swift, the Lindapter Hollo-Bolts provided a quick installation of the barrier around the entire 250m cycle track without the need for drilling or welding. The quick and simple installation process helped the sub-contractor to save time on the installation.
Bland and Swift were confident that Hollo-Bolts were the right choice for the crash barrier because of Lindapter’s industry leading product approvals and over 80 years’ experience in steelwork connections. Although Lindapter today is used throughout the world on various projects, the first blind fastener was pioneered by Lindapter, in Bradford, in 1948.

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